Stop Snitchin Movement: How can this be defined as a movement?

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This so-called movement of stop snitchin has gotten out of hand. We have lost far too many good brothers and sisters to this crisis.

First what is a movement? A movement is defined as 1) a series of actions and events taking place over a period of time and working to foster a principle or policy; a movement toward world peace. 2) An organized effort by supporters of a common goal. In what human way possible is stop snitchin a series of events working to foster a means of principle towards world peace? It is;however, organized by supporters with a misguided common goal with one simple meaning “ignorance is bliss.”

How can you stand for or support something that has no moral means for changing what is not right in your neighborhood, or your own community with nonsense of stop snitchin or not going against the “The Street Code.” The streets has never nor will ever have such a code, but if it did surely it would not be on the grounds of not speaking out on something that is not right, but would have a more meaningful code as to “Live your life and may it be fruitful by all means.”

The killer part about this ridiculous movement is that those same people who stand for this stop snitchin movement are the same ones who want to cry wolf when the situation hits close to home, and want people to speak up and bring justice to the ones who committed this senseless violence against somebody they know.

As it says in the bible, “Do unto others as you want others to do unto you.” If you want people to speak for you it is only fair that you stand up and speak for somebody else, and not wait until it hits close to you and yours. When we do not speak out against this stop the snitchin movement we are simply saying that it is justified to do harm unto somebody else and allow them to commit heinous crimes and allow them to walk away as if nothing happened, because they know people support the stop snitchin movement.

How many innocent brothers and sisters will we lose to this nonsense of a movement? How many more mothers will we hear crying in the streets clinging to the body of their child asking the lord “why lord why you had to take my baby?” Are we not tired of seeing a black hearse followed by a caravan of cars bringing another life cut short to its final resting place? Are we not tired of buying t-shirts with the ones we love on the front of them with their alpha and omega? Let’s put an end to this so called “Stop Snitchin’ Movement,” before we wind up extinct as the dinosaurs with our bones in somebody’s museum, and in front of us some plaque written by some scientist determining how we lived and died off. We have to stand for something, or we will die for nothing.

As Dee-1 stated in his rap, “Ancestors of ours are screaming from the graves cause physically we’re free, but we’re still some mental slaves.” Now I truly understand the message and meaning behind his words. Stand up for a movement that’s worth living, fighting for, and has a moral meaning Stop The Violence.

Curl J. Louis
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Born in New Orleans, LA on 11/12/1983 (I'm an 80's baby). Served 8yrs in the Air Force Reserve served during Iraqi Freedom is currently a Warehouse Supervisor for Babies R US Attended Southern University (Go Jags) studied Business Marketing with minor n pre-law Interest: reading books from Eric Jerome Dickey to Sister Souljah,writing poetry n currently working on a poetry book called Predetermined Thoughts of the Mind, traveling to different parts of the word especially the islands, listening to music from Rap/R&B to Neo-Soul anything that intrigues the mind, spending much quality time with my daughter Akaiya, going out with friends enjoying the good life.

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