Special Edition: Fathers Day


Special Edition

It’s hard to compete with him. He’s showed me unconditional love for 32 years. He’s influenced who I am today. He’s supplied all of my earthly needs and just about all my wants. His outgoing personality and his way of being a loving person in a blunt way has been reflected in me. Most people that know him call him Tony Mac or ‘The Man.’ I’m lucky enough to call him ‘DADDY.’

When I was a little girl my dad was always the one that was off when I was out of school during the week. And each time our daddy and daughter day would consist of a day at the Birmingham Zoo. However my mom combed my hair the day before he would just brush it up and off we went to see the animals.  At the time I never thought anything about going to the zoo all the time, what I did remember is spending time with my daddy. I remember my dad being home for dinner and all of us sitting at the table eating together every night of the week.  I remember my dad taking us on family vacations every summer and making sure my sister and I enjoyed every moment of it.  I remember my dad escorting me during Homecoming my Senior year (I was Miss Science Club…lol) I remember my dad taking me to his Alma Mater, Alabama A&M University and introducing me to everybody from the Dean of my school to the lady in the business office that would be taking care of my account, as he helped me register to follow in his footsteps.  I remember my dad coming to speak to my college friends and classmates during the Youth Motivation Task Force Week. I can remember my friends all telling me how cool my dad was, as if I didn’t know. ? I can remember my dad telling one of my boyfriends “…if you can’t give her what I can give her and more it’s not going to last because this is what’s she is use to…”  I can remember my dad taking me to get my first vehicle. My dad and I share 32 years of memories and unforgettable moments.

My father is not only the ‘Head of the Household’ but he is my ‘Dad.’  He is the man that taught me about men.  He is the man that showed me the definition of a man.  He is the man that I got my outgoing personality from.  He is the man that reminds me of my worth.  He is the man that spoiled me.  He is ‘THE MAN’ and I’m lucky enough to call him ‘DADDY.’ I LOVE YOU, TONY MCDANIEL, MORE THAN WORDS CAN EVER TELL!!!!!


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