Solo Travel: Where to Go + When in February, March

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Did you know that TRYING SOMETHING NEW was 2020’s #2 most popular New Year’s resolution? 

Don’t let the year roll by without making good on your resolution now! Walk with gorillas in Rwanda at the end of dry season (February) or see the Borneo rainforest in full-bloom post-monsoons (March). 

Below is bucket list-worthy trips for solo travelers.


Brazil: Brazil’s annual carnival in February bursts with color and the electric energy of dancing, something everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. Visit Brazil for your getaway and experience the best of both worlds with colorful celebrations and beautiful beaches. 

Rwanda: Visit Rwanda in February at the end of their dry season for one of the country’s most special experiences – walking with gorillas in their natural mountain habitat. If you’re looking for something beyond gorilla trekking, the clear

Argentina: Home of the tango – a dance of romance and passion – Argentina offers this and so many more cultural experiences. From incredible food to adrenaline pumping adventure and splendid weather the Argentinian summer peaks.


North California: March is the perfect time of year to check out the vineyards of Sonoma, without the dreaded crowds of tourists. Try out some of the world’s finest vino in the cooler weather or drive down an hour south to visit San Francisco without the sky-high prices of Summer. 

Borneo: Check out caving and trekking in Mulu National Park or the gorgeous beaches on Kota Kinabalu on your trip to Borneo. The rainforest is in full bloom post-monsoon this time of year. If you’re an animal lover, check out orangutans, crocodiles and pygmy elephants in their natural habitat, then hop on over to Lankayan Island for the start of whale shark season.

South Africa: The special draw of visiting the country’s capital in March is the chance to experience the vibrant Cape Town Carnival celebrations – which this year will take place on the 21st March. If you’re looking for a little more adventure, the southwest coast is renowned for its sweeping coastal landscapes, Table Mountain (one of the country’s most famous landmarks) and unique wildlife experience – you can even swim alongside Africa’s only penguin colony.

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