I’ve recently got into a new relationship. We became social media friends immediately, Facebook and Instagram. Neither of us changed our relationship status. We’ve had a few brief conversations about social media relationships. We both agree on some points. We’re about 6 months into the relationship and every now and then I catch myself feeling some kind of way about the lack of acknowledgement of our relationship on social media. How do you think I should address this or is it even worth addressing?

Socially Confused
Dayton, OH

The fact that social media and relationship is in the same sentence is crazy to me but it is definitely the reality we live in. Today changing your Facebook status or posting pictures on Instagram with your significant other is equivalent to wearing his letterman’s jacket back in the day.

It sounds like you and your boyfriend have scratched the surface, so why not dig deeper. I believe it’s ok to revisit the topic, especially if your feelings have changed. You should never stifle your feelings with your mate. Communication and actual dialogue with your significant other is essential to the survival of any relationship. Now, with that being said you also have to choose your battles and that varies by relationship. Be smart about what you emphasis in a relationship and understand that some small things can easily turn into big things if not addressed. I can’t determine this for you but I do want you to think about it.

NOW LISTEN, hear me good….write it down….highlight it….save it…..memorize it……never forget it……EVERYBODY does NOT mean YOU good!!!!!! So, be careful about what you put on social media for the world to see. There will always be people that don’t want to see you or him happy. Negativity spreads easily, so while I understand you feeling some kind of way, be very careful who you let into your relationship.

I would suggest that you make sure your relationship is strong enough to handle social media. You control what people see on social media, so they should never know what’s going on before your mate. That’s disrespectful. Social media shouldn’t validate your relationship. If you still feel like it’s worth a conversation then discuss it, compromise if necessary, and move on. This should not be a deal breaker unless there are trust issues and that’s a whole different topic, honey. Living Out Loud doesn’t mean exposing your ENTIRE life. Remember EVERYBODY does NOT mean YOU good.