Shermikia Lemon Teaches Other How to Live a Profitable Life Through Weekly Podcast

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Shermikia Lemon is an entrepreneur, productivity coach and corporate wellness consultant. Through her signature coaching and training company, Peacefully Profitable, she assists organizations that struggle with retention and bottom line. She also works with clients on an individual basis to help them be more productive and reach their personal goals. 

“I am passionate about productivity and peace,” she states. “As I personally experienced the consequences of poor time-management and stress when I found myself not making any progress or meeting personal goals of my own.”

Lemon is currently the host of Peacefully Profitable Podcast which can be heard on iTunes, SoundCloud, Google Play and more. She believes in peace and staying true to your life’s journey, so her trainings and resources are always geared toward improving her client’s life both mentally and physically.   I recently interviewed Mrs. Shermikia Lemon. Check out the interview below:  What influenced you to become a podcaster?

I am a creative and enjoy sharing valuable information with my clients and followers.  I had to figure out the best and most effective way to deliver this information. After listening to many other podcasts and listening to the things that were discussed, I didn’t have to look further for a platform.  Podcasting has become my favorite thing to do in my business.  It not only allows me to speak to my audience, but I’m also able to bring on and introduce experts in many other areas to share their story with my listeners.

What kind of guests do you have on the show?

So, the podcast provides weekly conversation on discovering your passion and turning it into profit, productively balancing life and finding peace.  I generally like to find guests I’ve studied on social media or simply admire for their work in one of these areas, but if I see someone that may not specialize in one of these areas, yet I feel they could share an amazing story, I will still invite them on.  

What array of topics do you cover?

I like to cover balance, peace, profit, productivity, money, finance, etc.  One of the things I also do is periodically check in with my clients or those on my mailing list to see what areas they may be struggling in.  More times than not, it’s one of the above, but if I do happen to get feedback on something else, I will try to incorporate that into an episode as well.

Have you had any notable guests in your early stages?

I try to choose wisely, so to me I have had a number of great guests on the show, from Courtney Sandersof Think and Grow Chick, Tonya Rapley of MyFabFinance, Africa Mirandawho is a beauty influencer and many more.

Has being a podcaster and entrepreneur put stress on your marriage and relationship with your children?

I will admit in the early stages of starting my business, there was a strain and not much balance.  There was stress there because I was so indulged in working all day every day to build.  I had the misconception that this was the only way to scale and sustain a successful business.  “Hustle Hard and Never Stop!”  I quickly learned that this would not work for me.  I simply changed my business model to alleviate some of the stress and now I work less and make more.  Working smarter, not harder.  

Has your new show helped you grow as a person, wife, and mother?

It has helped me grow.  When I invite guests on, it’s not just for my audience, but I’m always taking notes as I am interviewing them, because I’m never not learning.  There is always more to know for anyone.  Even those at the top.  So, it has helped me in many areas as I’ve had mothers, wives, single women and more on the show and there’s always a gem shared that I jot down and use in my life.

Do you have any new freedoms?

“There’s a spiritual solution to every problem.”  “Your level of consciousness is much lower when you’re in the problem versus when you’re in the solution.” 

Has this given you a brighter outlook on your goals and past achievements?

Absolutely.  We often think we have all the answers, or at least a good grasp on what we want in life.  Things like hosting a podcast and interviewing so many great people has opened my eyes to many different ways to become a success and pursue my purpose.  Ways that aren’t as traditional and that you have to mold and make your own.

Can you offer any words of wisdom to the next millennial podcaster and entrepreneurs?

Be authentic.  Make it yours.  Get the message out there while remaining true to yourself.  Listen to other podcasts, follow influencers, get ideas, but do not try to turn another person’s success into your own.  Continue to be the great leader that you are.  Stay on the right path and your unique journey while continuously learning along the way.  Integrity first – always.

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