I’m shedding the skin of relationships that are no longer good for me, overflowing with negative energy, dripping in toxicity, damaging to my heart and mind specifically. Those whom I once loved, for the sake of inner peace, I had to let them be.

I’m shedding the skin of perspectives through the lens of rose-colored glasses, creating confusion through optical illusions, the  promises that I hoped for were nothing but delusions. Blood, sweat and tears leaked out of me, but 20/20 vision has now set me free.

I’m shedding the skin of certain behaviors, not doing myself any favors, if I continue to align myself with things that are harmful to me and won’t get me to where I need to be. Soul searching, my mind at full capacity, my purpose lies ahead of me.

I’m shedding the skin of those who want to “ride” for free but who do not speak life over me. Slowly building a circle of trust, that stands up as strong as the earth’s crust…like tectonic plates, it may move and shift, positive reinforcement to help give me a lift.

I’m shedding the skin of reckless behavior, the taste of it, I no longer savor. Don’t wanna be in a place where I feel stuck, within me lies seeds of greatness and it’s time to pluck.

Whenever we begin to “shed” our skin, it definitely takes a deep look within. For old things are now becoming new but the healing is completely up to you. We have to come out of our comfort zones, no way that complacency should be a permanent home. We were created for greater things and that’s why I know, why “The Caged Bird Sings”.