‘She Stories’ Inspires Women to Share Their Victories, Triumphs of Being a Foster Youth

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Storytelling as been around for centuries; from the Indians to African Tribes, storytelling has been a method of passing down history and heritage within the family unit. Today, more organizations are starting to incorporate storytelling into their events. On Thursday, May 17 at the dA Center for the Arts in Pomona, CA, She Stories and the Children’s Foundation of America hosted a social, storytelling hour for women who have overcome being in the foster care system in lieu of National Foster Care Month, which takes place in the month of May. 

She Stories is a series of storytelling nights for women to share their experiences with other women, to voice their challenges and share their victories. Ehmandah Ramsey coordinates She Stories in local communities across Los Angeles County. As a pastor’s daughter, Ehmandah grew up listening to testimonies by the congregation every first Sunday in church. She was inspired by the hope and encouragement these storytelling opportunities provided and decided to carry on this tradition in a sacred space for women to empower and create a circle of support.

The event was pretty well attended where women were able to socialize with each other for the first hour before the storytelling began. Although the event was free, attendees were able to give back to the community by bringing a self-care/hygiene package for teen girls in foster care. 

The Children’s Foundation of America exists to Be the Difference between what public funding provides and what it actually costs to help children heal, learn and thrive from trauma. The Foundation accesses resources to help foster youth achieve normalcy, build confidence and succeed.

The event featured five amazing storytellers who are all doing very well in life. Some of gotten married, started families, finished college and plan to one day take in foster youth in their future households. To set the mood, Kesha Shantrell sung a few inspirational ballads and refreshments were provided by the Cheese Cave. 

You can learn more about She Stories at www.shestories.com and its founder at www.ehmandaramsey.com.

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