Sexual Abuse Survivor Educates Youth About Child Molestation

Published by Publishing Concepts, LLC, My Mommy’s Boyfriend is the newest children’s book addressing the subject of sexual abuse with a younger audience.  My Mommy’s Boyfriend educates young children about sexual abuse so they know how to respond if they ever find themselves in this situation. It empowers children to speak up to multiple trusted adults.

This book also conveys that unwanted touch, secret-keeping, and punishments are common signs that sexual abuse is happening to children. My Mommy’s Boyfriend emphasizes the phrase “Don’t Touch Me” so children know to use these words if they ever fall victim.

Theresa herself was sexually abused at age 12, and she had never heard of sexual abuse when it happened to her. Theresa uses her platform, and her first-hand knowledge, to educate young children and bring awareness to the common signs of child molestation.  

About Theresa Bowe

Theresa Bowe, Founder of the “Don’t Touch Me” movement, is a Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, Author, and full-time mother who is featured on the premier season of OWN’s Love Goals.  This 501(c)3 was initiated with her husband Dwayne Bowe, who is a recently retired NFL star.  Bowe uses her voice to help young children find their own when in this difficult situation.

About Publishing Concepts, LLC

For 28 years, Publishing Concepts, LLC has published everything from children’s books, poetry, novels, and limited-edition books for self-published authors, to training manuals, magazines, and directories for organizations in the hospitality/tourism, medical, construction, and chemical industries.

SOURCE: Publishing Concepts, LLC


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