Setting Aside Your Wants To Experience True Growth in Love

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Ladies, we know that you all want that love to happen when you want it to happen. You want your husband—like yesterday.

Love, true love, and relationships thrive on growth. Within growth there is a natural flow of things. Things are not forced and neither party feels pressured. There are no talks about, “Well, what are we?” or “I want the title”. Things just flow and both parties are enjoying and, most importantly, growing together.

This process though, will not be easy. It may seem like you are in it forever because at first, you will overthink things. There will be moments where you will let somethings override what you know is real. For example, you may think, “Really, it has been two days since he texted or called?” or “He really needs to step up and plan more outings”. In these moments you forget all the little things that he does for you when you are together or things that he does to support you in your endeavors.

Ladies, our men are not multi-taskers like we are; however, they are providers. They were born and made to provide. So when they feel like a segment in their lives are at a point to where they feel stuck in a way and to where they can not provide, they will zero in and put their focus in to ensure that they get them selves “unstuck”.

During this period of his life, do not for once think that he does not care or that he may be wanting out. If his actions still speak that he is still all the way in, do not force anything. Continue to let things flow naturally, continue to be there for your man and continue to be his peace.

Trust, when this process of his life is over, he will remember that you were there for him and that you inspired him to keep pushing. He may not say it like you would want him to, but he FEELS it. Remember, men are wired to proceed in action, not emotion. They are also wired to do and not talk.

Enjoy the growth! It will be worth it in the end.

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