Kali Red represents everything that is positive with the uplifting and positive movement of the Greater New Orleans. She is an avid advocate for Stopping the Violence and Domestic Abuse Awareness. She is preparing herself to become the Best Battered Woman’s Advocate that she can become as she is building the ground work for her foundation.

She also gives back to her community by not donating money, but by supporting Community Entrepreneurs by attending and making appearances at All events. She is part of a unique group that is determined and motivated on bringing together all artist, journalist, and all others who strive to rebuild the city called New Orleans Union for Entertainment (NOUE) which stands to unify all interested stakeholders in the advancement of New Orleans Entertainment.

“I stand for business building, entrepreneurship and economic stimulation.”

Along with her business standpoints and giving back to the city that raised her she is known to be a socialite often referred to as the Holly-Grove CoCo Kim Kardashian. She is the 1st Diva of Indulge Friday at Club Voila where on June 17, 2011 she hosted her 1st official Kali Red Experience. To go along with her very own 1st experience, New Orleans Elected Secretary of State, Tom Schedler certified that on July 27, 2011 the Kali Red Experience became an official LLC. She has also been awarded in 2011 as The Hottest Hostess of the City of New Orleans.

There is more that meets the eye to this woman more than her signature red hair. Kali Red is a woman who thrives on giving back to her community with something more valued than money, and that is her time, which shows her true dedication to rebuilding the once battered city. She shows love and support to those who show love and support to her.