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Selective Amnesia

They said he sailed the ocean blue. For those of us WOKE, we know it’s not true! How can you discover a land already occupied, this won’t be the last time “they” lied. In North and South Dakota, Natives there are referred to as Sioux….do you have any idea of how offensive this term is to use? In fact it was a racial slur by another tribal group….defined as a “snake”, their self-respect…” they” did take!Treaties that were signed under duress, Natives regulated to reservations, while the U.S. took the rest! If you feel like gambling, you know where to go: for on these “reserved” lands, they built casinos

Africans transported through the Middle Passage, traded for goods, each treated like a savage! Headed to the “new world” but not of our own volition, my ancestors were beaten and raped into submission! As their bodies were examined and you picked at their teeth, I’ve always wondered…how did you sleep? Treating people like they’re less than, a member of the Ku-Klux-Klan….your beliefs are full of hatred, to you…black lives are not sacred! My people are being used as “target” practice…the fact is, you can’t push a button and start that life over again….brothers take their last breath and it’s over friend!

Do you know the reasons behind Affirmative Action? This is not something to be withdrawn from like a retraction. People of color needed a FAIR chance, regarding employment and education regardless of circumstance! The color of our skin is not the reason we get the job; we’ve had to fight and preserve against the angry mob! Certain to determine that WE just don’t fit in, it’s time that behavior comes to an end. If the scales were balanced across the board, how high do you think you’d actually score? Lying and cheating, preferring to steal…tired of ALL this shit, just keeping it real!

What is my point you ask? Well, it’s time to take off the mask. That mask is Selective Amnesia and we as a people will no longer appease ya… allowing you to forget all that you did, no longer will you talk to a Black man as if he’s a kid. Black women are strong…all DAY long and it’s time for us to write the words to OUR new song. We shall overcome was the song of yesterday but WE are AWAKE is our song for today.

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C.K. McGhee, is a socially conscious individual concerned with issues of racial and social injustice, currently plaguing people of color, specifically; those within the African American community. She is also an advocate for mental health awareness; interested in the de-stigmatization of mental illness. Her goal is to create an atmosphere where people who are battling mental illness, will find the courage to seek proper medical attention and support, so that they can live their best lives. Her catch phrase, "Here's to brighter days", ends each of her posts, signaling her optimism that there will in fact, be brighter days ahead for those shamed into silence by the stigma of mental illness.

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