San Francisco Chicano Latino Immigrants Club Chartered Credit Goes To Arnulfo Diaz, CLC Organizer

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In May 2019, the San Francisco Democratic Central Committee chartered the first Chicano Latino Immigrants Democratic Club in Northern California. The organizer for these clubs is Arnulfo Hernandez, CLC Vice Chair for Central Los Angeles County. The new president of the SFCLIDC is Jorge Garcia. David Campos, Chair of the San Francisco Democratic Central Committee provided invaluable assistance.   They will be attending the Convention.  Northern Clubs are organizing in Marin, San Joaquin, Alameda, and Santa Clara counties.

Chicano Latino Immigrant Democratic Clubs are reaching a segment of the population that the Democratic Party was never previously able to reach. The target Latino populations number in the millions. Because the meetings are in Spanish and focus on immigration, these Clubs offer meeting topics that are of great value to the immigrant communities. This approach has made organizing possible.

Additionally, the Salvadorean community is now organizing Democratic Clubs and has notified the Chicano Latino Caucus that they want their own CDP caucus. The CLC has pledged its support.

All the clubs recently forming in the Latino community have been organized by CLC volunteers building the California Democratic Party. These Clubs are prolific sources of volunteers. The Chicano Latino Caucus has organized these clubs in the same way that the CLC does voter registration: without any assistance or coordination from the California Democratic Party. The CLC would welcome CDP resources and coordination from the next CDP Chair.

Latino voters provided the winning margins for all seven California congressional seats that flipped in November 2018.

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