Rubi Green Brings a New Sound to Gospel

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When it comes to talent, we can definitely say that it comes from the genes—especially when we talk about music. Rubi Green, the daughter of the world renowned Al Green, is no stranger to the music industry. While growing up she and her sisters were able to tour with their father and travel the world. While she was working, she found her purpose in serving others through the ministry of music.

She is now branching out into the Gospel world where she plans to take it to another level for her generation. I had the pleasure of interviewing her through a phone conversation where she talked about life in the Green household, what her plans are musically, and what she enjoys doing when she’s not in the studio.

What was life like growing up in the household of Al Green?

It was a lot of fun! I have three sisters and one brother, so it was a big house and we were all very close. Everybody was always over from friends to family. It was very exciting!

Growing up you and your sisters toured with your father around the world as back-up singers. What was your favorite place that you visited?

I would have to say Vienna. I loved it because my sister and I always said that we wanted to go back there because it was so romantic, of course we were working so we couldn’t really enjoy it. I haven’t been back since, but it would have to be one of my favorite places that I went to while working and traveling. It’s so romantic, it’s like you have to go with your boyfriend, fiancé, or husband because it’s so beautiful!

As you are now branching off into the Gospel world, what are some of your goals that you want to accomplish as a Gospel artist?

My main goal is that I want to inspire the younger generation. For me growing up we had Mary Mary, but since them there hasn’t been a female artist to really come with that younger inspirational music. I feel that the secular world as so many women to look up to from Beyonce to Rihanna. You can pick and choose which way you want to go.

I feel that in Gospel, everyone is older and more traditional. I want to be a role model, but musically I want to do something that hasn’t been done before.  Like Lecrae, he came out with Christian rap awhile back to now winning a Grammy from it. That’s what I want to do.

Your husband is also in the music industry, so have you guys or are you currently working on anything together?

Yes, everything that I’ve done, he’s produced. We bounce ideas off of each other and do everything together. I’m trying to get comfortable working with other producers, but I like what I like and he understands that.

Are you currently working on anything with your father?

No, I am not working on anything with him…I talked to him about redoing his 80s Gospel song “Everything’s Going to be Alright”, but I wasn’t sure if we were going to do it together or if it was going to be just me, but I spoke to him in the past about it and he is definitely open to it. I haven’t actually put anything into action though, but I would love to do something with my dad. I love working with him, he is so much fun!

Who else would you love to work with?

Production wise, I love Kanye [West], so I would love to produce some tracks with him. Vocally, I love Lecrae and Brandy, Brandy is my favorite.

What advice do you have to those who have that passion and talent for singing, but struggle with being on that borderline on deciding whether to sing secular or Gospel?

I had that issue. I would suggest that if you don’t have a relationship with Christ, that you develop one and pray about it. Everybody’s journey isn’t the same. Although my thing was to sing Gospel, someone else’s may be another. Go with what your heart tells you, and what you connect and are more passionate with.

Ask yourself what God is telling you about your career, and definitely listen to Him, your soul, and be prayerful. If you don’t connect with it, it’s not going to work.

I agree. What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

I like to cook and I talk to my sister A LOT! And I have a guilty pleasure—I love reality TV! When I’m in the studio, I DVR my shows so that when I wake up the next day I can catch up before heading back to the studio.

How can people keep up with you?

My Instagram and Twitter is RubiGreen80, and my Facebook is RubiGreen. I also have a website which is

Is there anything else that you would love for the readers to know?

I’m working on a lot of new music right now, so keep a look out. I’m also in the process of updating my website so that I can update my blog and add new music to it. My music is definitely different, so to those who love the Lord, but [want something a little more hip and upbeat], then you’re gonna love my music.

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