We as queens and kings have stopped wearing our crowns or aren’t aware we possessed one at all. It’s not about the swag or the sway of your ass. Royalty is a mentality. Regal exudes from your spirituality.  Author of “Queenology” R.C. Blake Jr. states,“Every woman was designed to be an alpha female, too.” Few except the challenge.  Our men are not groomed to be kings.  In today’s society the only expectation it seems is to be treated as such. Deceived into believing your God given honor is only for the privileged.  Providing a pay check and penis dose not evoke royalty of the spirit.

Kings and Queens give honor to their creator, each other and themselves, in words, actions, thoughts and deeds.  You become what you believe and live as you speak.  Think higher.  We as women must evaluate how we treat and carry ourselves. Is it regal or redundant? Elevating or dismantling?  Black men our kings, do you sit on a throne or do you rule the empire? Are you leading in arrogance and stupidity or with kindness, inner strength and humility?

It is our duty and destiny to wear the crown with honor respectfully.  I challenge you to evaluate your mind and attitude, to have an awareness of the royalty you carry.  Gracefully wear the crown that was fitted for you.  Radiate your royalty in all its splendor. The next generation is watching and will emulate what you do.