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With so much great talent out there it can be overwhelming with who to highlight for the next upcoming issue of the magazine. But the thing that makes things easier is when you run across that artist that is just different. The music is on point, their style is eye caching, and they have those things embedded in them that inspires not just the next generation but generations ahead of them.

This is what caught my attention about rising artist Julian King. Just when I was cringing on how music was changing and that I need that soul back into music, like when Usher was performing in the 90s, I find people like Julian King. So after running his press release and being granted the opportunity to interview him personally, I had to jump on it.

How did you get into music?

That’s a funny story, actually, lol. I never really wanted to do music or entertainment. I always wanted to be a chef. So my plan was to go to finish school then go to an Ivy league and graduate from there. Then in the 7th grade, we did a musical for the “Wizard of Oz” and it was int hat moment that i was realized this is what I wanted to do. I don’t know what it was whether it was the preparation of getting ready for the show or actually doing the show. That moment inspired me and it has been history ever since then.

How was your experience working on her latest track “Sing For You”, which was released last month?

Well, the experience for the song actually was very interesting because the song was written and I cut it. Once I cut it I kind of grew to love the song and it became mine and it’s bee n great. I was literally just listening to it again and with trying to be mushy because it is kind of emotional for me because that was what the World searched for from me. So I am proud of what the World knew what would be good for me first which was a solid track.

Do you have any shows lined up to coincide with the EP?

Absolutely! So this Friday (today, July 17), the project comes out and the following the Tuesday is my official release party/concert. It’s going to be a really really really lit performance next Tuesday. I’ll be performing a few of the songs, so it will be a good 45 minutes to an hour show. So, I’m excited for it.

Do you have any other goals that you want to accomplish before the year is up?

Before the year is up I definitely want to accomplish another EP. And then I want to start performing and opening up for some other artists so that i can start reaching other fan-bases and start traveling a little bit. Those are two of main goals and then if a deal comes then Thank the Lord! But the main thing is to just get people to hear the music and become a fan.

Nice! What are you long term goals for your career within the next two years?

My long term goal is to definitely have a deal by then and traveling. After the deal is accomplished and I figured how to make money and know the business, I plan on starting a clothing line and branching out through the opportunity that I have been given to do some things that interest me within the fashion world. I also want to open up a non-profit for children who want to pursue arts as well.

For your non-profit, what are you plans for that?

The basis of it is that I remember being a kid and wishing that someone would take me by the hand and take be under their wing and help me make my dreams come true, so I want to start an organization that helps and gives opportunities to those youth who may not have the financial opportunities to pursue their dreams. I want to inspire those who are just like me when I was younger. the services that would be provided would dance classes, studio sessions, auditions, and whatever it is to help them further their careers.

For the clothing line, what would that premise be?

It definitely would be a mix of East Coast and West Coast. Two of my inspirations are Knaye West and Pharrell Williams. The style would be very solid, yet very urban. I’m also thinking sneakers, book bags, and hats. So whatever the clothing line would be it would definitely be an extension of my personal style.

So Kanye and Pharrell are your fashion inspirations, who are your music inspirations?

Some of my musical inspirations would definitely include Usher. His grace and presence on stage is something that i look up to. I also look up to Justin Timberlake. I never knew it was that cool to play so many instruments on stage and people actually dig it, lol. I look up to Justin Timberlake for his musician and his style to out do himself. One of my largest inspirations is Beyonce for her overall stage presence and her ability to put on an awesome show. I try to take and learn a little bit from each of them and hopefully my presentation can be just as good.

When you get the free time what do you enjoy doing?

I love swimming. I love beach volleyball, and believe it or not but when I was younger I was a huge gamer, and now over the last years I’m starting to pick it up. It’s therapeutic for me especially with all the craziness going on. Playing games kind of brings me down.

What advice do you have for young kids coming up who want to achieve their dreams

One of my biggest pieces advice, well actually it is a two part. The first part is to stay focus, and it is very easy to get distracted. Without focus it is hard to achieve that mark that you want to get to. One thing that i learned that has helped me is to try and learn as much as you can on your own. That way when you meet some of these bigger people they have something to work with. There’s no point in having a manager if there is nothing to manage. There’s no reason to have a label represent you if you don’t have music to present. So definitely stay focus to push and complete each goal that way when you meet that opportunity you’ll be ready.

What should the readers know?

The EP comes out Friday (today)! I’m real proud of it. We have some amazing music with some super huge producers. I’m hoping that everyone will love the music. Tweet me or Instagram me and let me know how you like it. Thank you guys so much for your interview!

Download the EP below:

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Instagram: @itsjulianking

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