Revolutionary Calling Cries Out To Social Issues Through Clothing

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RevolUtionary, an urban clothing brand that was created to bring awareness to social issues that plague our communities, has been taking over the East Coast by storm. The brand was created by Uranium Tesfai, better known as U-Ray.

Tell us a little about yourself & your brand.

My name is Uranium Tesfai, many people call me by my nickname U-RAY. RevolUtionary was created by me, so I am the founder and CEO of it. It started with the social issues that plague our communities and the world these last 6 years from Eric Garner to the Gaza Strip to the thousands of individuals victims of human trafficking. A cruel world that we live in, has influenced this awakening with me. I would have never thought that I would be in the position that I am currently in, I was supposed to be an engineer, in the STEM field. Yet, the universe, God, Allah, and/or spirit has me on this quest to create a better world through RevolUtionary.   

Do you think the social issues of the last 6 years have heavily influenced this awakening? When you speak of revolution do you mean physical, mental, or spiritual? Please Explain

People who are oppressed cannot seize to higher standards of living if they are chained mind, body, and spirit. In today’s world, we are all oppressed by a system of corruption that exploits in every domain of life. I find it critical for the revolution that individuals become RevolUtionary every day by elevating their health, their music, their workout routine, their relationships with people, and even their spiritual/religious practices.  

Being in Washington D.C were you close enough to Baltimore when the tragic death of Freddie Grey occurred?

On the day, Freddie Gray suffered a spinal injury in police custody leading to his death, the emotions were felt all throughout the DMV Metropolitan area. I wanted to be apart of the movement and protest up there. However, I never went to Baltimore because I thought it was dangerous and what my mother would think if I went there. I’ve grown so much out of my colonized mindset where now I regret that I was with the people, not creating chaos but being apart of the collective consciousness.  

You were speaking doing a podcast I’m curious to know is that still in the works?

The podcast is still coming along, I had some legal and financial setbacks that threw me off, but I’m making sure that I continue to stay ahead of the game. RevolUtionary will be coming with a video talk show, as well as, the live radio that can be archived as a podcast. Our media aspect of the company is geared in the aspect of spreading news whether it be sports, politics, or health. It is necessary to have an independent platform because there is a big monopoly in the television, newspaper, and radio platforms.  

What other endeavors are you looking into to spread your message and beliefs aside from connecting with like minded individuals? 

There are a lot of endeavors that we would love to engage in to spread the RevolUtionary message. One aspect is the grocery market business and festivals. RevolUtionary needs to be the template for conscious empowerment. We want to have our hands in every aspect of society, so people are always elevating in everything in life. We want individuals to reach their human potential, and we know that we can unlock the RevolUtionary spirit within them.  

What great advice can you offer to other like minded millennial entrepreneurs? 

The advice that I can offer to like-minded millennial entrepreneurs is own your craft and focus on creating content. Be Human, Be Great, Don’t Sell Yourself Short. Most importantly, do not focus on the money, I want you to secure the bag, in the sense of, success. Money is an ongoing process that never ends.    

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