The shocking news of the passing of Hip Hop Icon, Dwight Errington Myers, better known as, Heavy D, swiped though all the social media sites late Tuesday afternoon.

He was found conscious near his Beverly Hills home at 11:25 a.m PST when a 911 call was placed, according to TMZ. He was then rushed to a nearby hospital where he was later pronounced dead at 1 p.m. PST. It still hasn’t been stated what the cause of death was.

Heavy D will always be remembered for his hits, Nuttin But Love,  Is It Good To You, as well as a countless of others. He was truly a Hip Hop icon who paved the way for others. He infused reggae (inspired by his hometown of Jamaica) with R&B and pop.

Most remember his group Heavy D & the Boyz, which was composed of his high school friends DJ Eddie F, Trouble T- Roy and G-Wiz and of course Heavy D. Some also know him as the original overweight lover. He was just 44-years-old.

Heavy D was…no…is one of Hip-Hops finest. Your art and contribution will live 4ever brother!

-Common, Hip-Hop Icon.

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