While visiting Mississippi from Chicago, Emmett Till was murdered for allegedly flirting with a White woman. Only 14-years old, he had to be frightened to death and in a state of shock, in utter disbelief and in an out of body experience; a waking nightmare he couldn’t escape.

Did anyone hear his screams after he carried a 75 pound cotton gin fan to the edge of the river where he was beaten?  They gouged out his eye and shot him in the head, then threw his body in the river, tied down to the cotton gin and wrapped up in barb wire. 

Fast forward to 2019, it would seem things have changed, truth of the matter is, things are more subtle and the sinister remains.  Evil and hatred don’t just disappear or change. It evolves, creeps and crawls by inventing new ways to cripple and terrorize the next generation. 

Don’t walk around feeling so safe, mentally blind and believing it can’t happen to you.  Be the in the right place at the wrong time, says all the innocent murdered and convicted of crimes. May He rest in peace. His death ignited the real fight for our civil rights and a decrease, not disappearance of this beastly brutality. We must never forget the injustice of Emmett Till.