Remembering a TV Father Legend

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Those of us who loved or watched The Fresh Prince of Bel- Air in the 90’s probably remember Phil that played the Uncle of Will and Father of Carlton. According to TMZ, James Avery (who played Phil) passed away at the age of 68 on New Years Eve Wednesday, December 31.

Sources that are close to the actor reported to TMZ that Avery died in a Glendale, California hospital on New Years Eve night after undergoing open heart surgery that took a turn for the worst. His wife, Barbara, stayed by his bedside and had left for a short period of time and upon her return Avery had passed.

Avery appeared in several television sitcoms over the years which include Grey’s Anatomy, The Closer, L.A. Law and The Jefferson’s. In 2013, he appeared in three television movies, Go, Bolivia, Go! being the most recent.

Two years ago, Avery was able to reunite with most of the Fresh Prince cast, including Will Smith, at a charity event. He will be missed dearly.

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