Relationship Games to Avoid In 2013

2012 is coming to an end, and single people are building up the roster for 2013 and deleting old numbers out their phones. Most of these single people are saying that they are sick of being single and ready to settle down. Settling down is great and a sign of maturity, but don’t do it for the wrong reasons. Relationships take effort and time in order to be successful, so as we go into the new year, here are a few relationship games to avoid in 2013.

Getting too serious too soon.

This is the most common mistake. People meet each other, hit off and immediately become an item after only a few weeks of getting to know each other. A successful relationship is based off of a solid and strong friendship. When you jump into a relationship too soon, you only set yourself up for failure and surprises that come along as the relationship moves on. Some of these surprises may catch you off guard but if you knew before hands then you would’ve been more prepared.

Being too picky.

Sorry to say this is why most people are single and will remain single for a while. Now you don’t have to lower your standards, but you standards must be realistic. For examples, ladies saying that you want a tall, light skin man who makes sic figures, drives a BMW, has no kids, and looks like a model from the GQ magazine is not realistic. For one over half of the men in the world are under 5’11, the average height is 5’8. And with the economy that we are in it is going to be really really hard to find a man who makes six figures who WANTS to be COMMITTED. Usually the ones who want to be committed are the good, handsome guy who has a great job working as a mechanic or in banking, etc. Expand your options and don’t be afraid to step outside of your race. Our brothers do it all the time, it’s time for us to do the same ladies.

Always being in a relationship.

Its never a good look when you bounce from relationship to relationship (hence Kim Kardasian). This makes you look easy and desperate. If you don’t know what it’s like to be single, most likely you haven’t experienced what it feels like to just be in love with yourself and God. Once you learn to do that then you can love someone else fully without relationship hopping. Learn to love you first.

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