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Ladies, keeping our face moisturized keeps it healthy and free of acne. I know many may have sensitive skin and can’t bare to use a lot of the stuff that they sell behind the counter at our local stores. This is why more and more cosmetic companies are finding and researching different products that are beneficial to our skin. Many of the ingredients used in these specialty beauty products are all natural and/or organic.

I recently received the pleasure of trying out a new facial remedy from Stemulation Luxury Skin Care. I was sent a complete sample package (seen in the photo on the left) to see try out. So last week I experienced with these samples and overall my face was happy. The end result left my face feeling a lot more smoother. So here’s the steps that I did:

Step 1: Gentle Gel Cleanser

I first moistened my face with warm water to open up my pores. I put a dab of the cleanser on my finger and gently massaged the gel into my skin. The cleanser works to refresh, heal, soothe, balance, and clean the skin. It removes makeup and impurities without disturbing the pH balance of the skin. The ingredients found in the gel include: healing aloe, antioxidants, and calming Chamomile Extract.

Step 2: Daily Microderm Scrub Face & Body

This was really good in dead skin off. Upon washing my face after step 1, I gently applied the scrub. This scrub renews the skin texture by removing impurities and clearing a path for healthy skin to shine through.

Step 3: Facial Serum

After rinsing my face and damping it dry, I applied the facial serum for a smooth finish. The serum gives your skin a natural glow by nourishing deep into the dermis to produce radiant skin and improving problematic areas. It also evens out your skin tone.

Step 4: Elevate Eye Creme

And last but least, I finished it all off with the eye creame. Eye cream is good to start using at an early age so that you don’t develop wrinkles. It keeps the eye area smooth and wrinkle free, which keeps you looking younger.

If you are interested in trying out any of these products for yourself or seeing what else they have, please visit

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