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Need to know how to holiday shop on a budget? Use my checklist and not only will your bellies be full after the holidays, but your wallets will too.

Have a Plan.

Decide on a plan and commit to it. Know what stores you are going to and what time. Figure out if you are a person that shops better under pressure or relaxed. Personally, I hate shopping in big crowds, so I try to hit the stores earlier in the day. Also, if you don’t shop last minute, you’re more likely to stick to your budget.

Make a List.

We’re all guilty of it. We go into the store for one item and leave with ten. The holidays put us all in such a giving mood. However, we must be responsible. Write down what you intend on purchasing and how much it will cost you.

Price Your Gifts Online Before Hitting the Stores.

You should know what you are getting yourself into, so you aren’t surprised when you walk into the store. Also, you want to find the best deals. Do your research. Shop around online first. It really helps.

Search the Local Ads for Coupons.

Coupons are a shopper’s best friend. They can save you lots of money, but you must find them first. If you can master these four simple shopping rules, then you are on your way to saving big this holiday season!

Tamara Jackson
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Tamara Jackson was born in Houston, TX and raised in Buffalo, NY. At an early age, she realized her love for words. She began writing poetry which evolved into songs, then skits, then plays, then screenplays. Currently, Tamara is a graduate student at Savannah College of Art and Design where she is working towards her MFA in performing arts. She is writing her first book. (Update: She graduated from SCAD in 2012).

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