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I have been fortunate and blessed to have been able to conduct interviews with new and upcoming artist of this generation, but recently I had the extreme pleasure to interview an artist that I grew up with as a boy that found himself captivated by her smooth, sultry and sensational voice. I am talking about LaTocha Scott, a former group member of the 90’s R&B divas Xscape. She has taken some time away from the game, but she has never stopped being a student of the game that she grew  up with and loved since she first blessed us with her presence. Take a journey with me down memory lane, “Just Kickin’ It” with this R&B sensation, and get some “Understanding” to what she has been up to.

For some of those who may not know, or are too young to remember who you are, can you take a moment to remind them who LaTocha Scott is?

Well, as you know my name is LaTocha Scott i am a former member of the legendary 90’s R&B group Xscape. I am a mother, sister, friend, mentor and singer/songwriter.

You have encountered much musical success early on with the group Xscape. How was that experience early on in your career?It was a good learning experience for us all, at many times challenging and having to embrace the traveling and hard work, but it was worth it as it opened doors for us and allowed us to meet many people.

In your days with Xscape you co-wrote countless hit singles from “Do Like Lovers Do” to “Who Can I Run to.” What was that feeling like to hear songs you wrote have much success?It was a great feeling just to hear a song that you was on get played on the radio was good in itself. There were a lot of high fives amongst everybody, and it was a happy feeling to be able to have people embrace the words that you wrote.

On your finale tour with Xscape, what was the feeling that the group you had much success in the 90’s that this would be the last time y’all would perform together?I never thought about it being the last time I would perform with my sisters. We were young, naive and females in a male driven industry. We had some internal issues with the business side of things, but we still had a great support system. After the last performance it gave me time to explore and find out who LaTocha Scott was, and also time to reflect on life and write.

Are there any plans for songs in the work to reunite you with any of your former group members?I would love the chance to be able to work with my sisters again, and as you mentioned it’s something I’ve been asked many times; will there ever be an Xscape reunion. I would never dismiss the chance to record or perform with them again, as I still keep in touch with them. Hopefully it’s a work in progress that can happen, and my sister Tamika we talk all the time and she is ‘always game’ as she says.

On your 1st solo album “Solo Flight 404” what was that feeling like that this was your 1st album as a solo artist, and not that of a group?It was very different and at the same time it was fun knowing that this was my baby, and this to me was more of a street album.

You have been featured on songs that you have co-written from Chante’ Moore, Trick Daddy, J-Shin and Bow Wow. How does it feel when another artist reaches out to you for a song?To me it’s overwhelming at the same time flattering. I just think to myself that ‘you want me’ ‘yes sure I’ll do it’. It’s amazing when another artist you respect in the game reaches out to you and wants to do a song with you.

As a singer/songwriter that many of us that grew up on female R&B singers in the 90’s How do you reflect on the female singers now when you hear their songs?I’m excited to see that Brandy and Monica are back to bring real music back again. Back in the 90’s if you couldn’t sing you would get booed off stage in an era where there wasn’t any auto tune to help you out. But it’s good to hear not just good R&B singing, but female artists staying true to their music.

What would be some advice that you would give to a female artist inspiring to come in and grow in this music industry, and experience longevity?Not to think or believe that success will come overnight. You have to stay true to your craft, the passion, and most importantly yourself. The fame, money and respect will come if you hold true to those three things.

Are there any artist preferably female artist already established, or upcoming that you would be willing to work with on your album or any upcoming projects?There are a few females that i wouldn’t mind working with, but i want my fans and music lovers to buy my album for me and not the names featured on my album. I wouldn’t mind working with Alicia Keys for her passion she brings to her music, and Nicki Minaj for her unique style she brings to the music.

Your new solo single “Bad Timing” what inspired you to make this song, and release this as your 1st single?This is a song that anybody can relate to in all stances in their life. Just like the songs says “Bad Timing” you can meet somebody in life and it seems that the timing is bad rather they are in a relationship, or you both are in different parts in your life in your careers. This song was inspired to me by my twitter fans, having talks with my friends, and even my son was like mommy you need to come back out.

You have your own record label Golden Gyrl Music which is overseen by Biv Global Media. What made you start your own label instead of join a label that has already made a name for itself?I became a student to the game and the industry. I wanted to eliminate the middle man always knowing where my money was coming and going. Ludacris said it best “sign yourself to yourself and start writing your own checks”

In light of your own record label you have launched Golden Gyrl Foundation a foundation which enlightens on developing and magnifying self-love and self-esteem. What came about for you to start this foundation?By always having young girls around me I found myself mentoring them in life about the importance about sisterhood. By talking to them, helped them find things out about not only their self, but about myself as well.

In 2005 you caught a bit of the acting bug when you played in “Fair Game,” a romantic comedy. What was that experience like for you and is it something you could see yourself doing again?I was very new to the acting scene and I found myself liking it and enjoying it very much. It’s very much different from going into the studio and recording a song. Acting takes weeks of preparation from traveling to learning your lines, and your character.

Are there any upcoming tour dates in the future for Ms. LaTocha Scott that fans can catch to be reminded of the sultry R&B singing?I’m always doing shows in my city; the stage is my life. I love connecting with the crowd wherever I’m at. I could be coming to a city near you.

I was just about to ask you seeing how we have a big music event called Essence Music Fest during 4th of July weekend.Yes I’ll be there. I might not be performing, but I’ll be there supporting the artist there, doing autograph sessions with the fans and doing some interviews.

I’ll make sure to come to the Convention Center or catch you in one of the Super Lounges for Essence(laughs) make sure you do that, and make sure you’re like “Hey it’s me Curl!”

(laughs) Okay I’ll make sure to do that! Are there any producers that you are currently working with or would like to work with?There are some new producers that I’m working with, and just how I was a new artist who had people that supported me, I want to give back and give somebody else the shine I was given. I want people to get the album and love the album, and as you’re listening to the songs scrolling through the inside, you’re like “Wow! That’s Hot! Who did this track?”

I heard a remix of you on two rap songs (same damn time remix, nobody’s perfect great Xscape remix) spitting some nice bars. Is that something we can hear on your upcoming CD or even a future mixtape per say?(laughs) I had to show the younger ones I still got it, and that I’m very versatile with my music.

When I heard the tracks I was like ‘Wow that’s her didn’t know she had that in her!’(laughs) Well thank you, yes that’s me and I am going to release some free music, a mixtape called “Truth in Da Booth” coming out in June. I want to give my fans some music before the album comes out.

Do you reach out to your fans on any social networking sites, if so how can your fans be able to follow LaTocha Scott?I’m always on twitter (@Latochascott) I have to keep up with what’s going on. When I’m in the studio I like to let my fans know what’s going on, and what I’m up to. Some of my fans are like ‘Is this really you?’ and I reply to them ‘Yes it’s me.’ You can even catch me on Instagram posting pics (@iamlatocha)

Before I let you go and get back on your studio grind, what are somethings you would like to say to your fans who have followed you since day one till now?Thank you so much! I appreciate the love and support that y’all have given me; it has kept me going just thank you!

Well, on behalf of Purposely Awakened, I would like to say thank you for taking the time to allow me this exclusive interview with you.

I want to say thank you for taking the time and wanting to do this interview with me. Take care and thank you again.

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