Racism, Sexism, and ‘White Privilege’ Prevail in the 2016 Election

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With many in disbelief and others in disappoint, but not shocked at all, the 2016 Election on November 8 proved one thing—that America still remains divided and still has not changed much since the Civil Rights Movement. The only difference today is that things are televised and broadcasted across every social media platform. With a racist, sexist, and unqualified man as our next president starting January 2017 it is time for EVER minority to really unite and to continue tom pursue and go even harder in their businesses, dreams, and whatever else that their God given purpose is.

Even with all he racist remarks that Donald Trump made all throughout the election he was still over to gain over the electoral vote by 278 compared to Hillary Clinton who received 228. However, Clinton surpassed Trump in the popular vote, but unfortunately in the United States of Amerikkka (yes, we purposely spelled America wrong),  the electoral vote is the one that elected the president, and the Republicans still dominate the House Senate and the House Senate still is fearful of a woman becoming president, not matter how much more qualified she is than her male opponent.

Sexism in America

It is evident that Trump is no where near qualified for the White House, he has no experience whatsoever, but he is a good talker. He is great talker in talking investors into investing into his business that he mismanages, he has been goos talker and talking up different women into marriages that have ended up in divorces, and he was a great talker into talking naive American’s into electing an unqualified, celebrity figure into presidency, all because they do no want Clinton, a powerful and qualified woman in the White House. It was never about the emails. The emails was just “their” excuse to give their votes to Trump. Trump is a white male with status which is why he will be the 45th President of the Unites States (barf!).

White Privilege  

So how do we get rid of White Privilege in America? The answer is simple, but the action in doing so appears to be difficult. There needs to be more Democrats in the Senate and less old school Republicans that are holding on to a racist past. Until they all crock and die, so to be so blunt, then it may be years, maybe even another century until we White Privilege drowning out, but until then we can only worry about our own self-purpose and helping our brothers and sisters to prosperity on our own.

Our urban communities need to stop seeking help from the government. Get off welfare, get off food stamps, get off Section 8 Housing, and stop saying that you you can’t do this and can’t that. Find a way or make one to get yourself to where out need to be. God gave you a purpose for a reason, so tap into it and start USING it! If you need help finding out what your purpose is for, then that is what counselors are for. Go seek them out! Get ourself a mentor, because as we know America doesn’t give a rat’s tail about any minority…whether your African American, Mexican, Muslim, Asian, etc. America doesn’t care what we think or what we want.

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