Renowned Private Investigator and HBCU Graduate Pens New Book to Help Women Understand Male Adultery, “Slippin’: A Female’s Guide to Male Infidelity”


Book details candid discussion about faithlessness by men in presumably committed relationships

Private investigators are privy to countless encounters of infidelity on a regular basis. As a licensed private investigator with over 25 years’ experience, Russell C. Dean has certainly seen his share – enough to write a nonfictional book of advice for women, based on his personal accounts in discovering adultery cases. Published by Page Publishing, Slippin’: A Female’s Guide to Male Infidelity is an invaluable resource for women who may not recognize the signs of infidelity.

Questions addressed in the book include: Is your man a “big-game hunter” or an opportunistic cheater? Have you noticed a change in your man’s appearance? Does he hold his phone like a newborn baby? Is he hitting the gym all of a sudden? Slippin’: A Female’s Guide to Male Infidelity addresses real-life red flags and equips women with the tools to be more cognizant.

“My profession has always been rewarding, yet problematic. While I am hired to seek the unknown and provide relief to many unanswered questions, I am the same person who shares the news of my findings to many women who were left in the dark about their relationships,” says Russell C. Dean, author. “My book serves as a summary of real-life observations, while offering some insight to women who want to understand infidelity.”

In an excerpt of the book, the author writes, “Have you given your heart and everything else you know how to give to your man, yet you found out he cheated on you…again? Now you’re in the WTF stage. A million questions are going through your mind. How the hell did this happen? Were there any signs? Could all this be avoided? Or, most importantly, what now?”

Slippin’: A Female’s Guide to Male Infidelity is available for purchase on AmazonBarnes and Noble, and digitally on Apple iTunes. For additional information or media inquiries, contact Khali Gallman at 803.922.5310 or


About Russell C. Dean
A South Carolina native, Russell C. Dean has owned and operated the DEAN Investigation Agency since 1999. The agency operates in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida conducting criminal, civil, worker’s compensation fraud and locate investigations. Dean received a bachelor’s degree in criminology from Florida A&M University. He also teaches Conceal Weapons classes, where he is a SLED-Certified and NRA-Certified Instructor. He is the only Utah Certified Instructor in the state of South Carolina. He is a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., 100 Black Men of Greater Columbia, South Carolina Association of Legal Investigators (SCALI), National Rifle Association (NRA), and National African-American Gun Association (NAAGA). Dean currently resides in Irmo, South Carolina.


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