Prison Corruption at CTF in Soledad and Corcoran State Prison

As you will see in the video below some footage of the inhumane gladiator fights California inmates have been subject to, we as human beings should all come together and get government officials involved to amend the 13th. Also we have testimony and pleads from family & loved ones of inmates. “We’ve been suffer many decades of legalized slavery as “minorities” at a pivotal time in prison reform we need to see and know what is exactly going on. Another look into plantation like racist practices incremental releases aka Mandingo fights are still prevalent in 2019″. Our loved ones have accepted their sentences and deserve a opportunity at rehabilitation, and should learning techniques & skills to help them succeed when released back into society.

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I just want to clarify that there are 2 incidents in regards to Gladiator fights: 

  1. Integration between Sensitive Needs Yard (SNY) inmates, previously Protective Custody (PC), and General Population (GP) inmates (document enclosed)
  2. Integration of known enemies between Bulldogs and other races & groups (which has been broadcasted as of lately).

Many of the families and loved one of California State Inmates are starting to uprise, fight back, and reach out to state legislation in regards to help & support. It’s been stated that Correctional Training Facility (CTF) will commence the Gladiator Fights on Monday, 3/4/19, in the gymnasium.  They have now created a Gladiator Ring to conduct these Gladiator Fights. The fights are a sickening practice and need to be stopped for ethical reasons as well as health/safety. CDCR’s Administration knows the dangers behind their tactics and they have refused to stop this violence & unethical practice standing strong in their bigotry. CDCR is promoting violence in todays prisons and continues to place the lives of our loved ones, citizens, and employees at risk. In Pleasant Valley State Prison (PVSP) a Correctional Officer’s (CO) head was split open because of an incident involving the groups. As you can see staff members lives are at risk as well, we’ve have heard the concerns of CO’s as well and they do not want this either, but the administrators are pushing the violence. Administrators in Sacramento include Acting Secretary Ralph Diaz, Acting Undersecretary Kathleen Allison and Acting Division of Adult Institutions Director Connie Gipson.  Administrators in CTF Soledad State Prison include Warden Craig Koenig and Captain Freeman.  

Media has been made aware of these incidents and they were in attendance this past weekend, March 2nd and 3rd, at the CTF Soledad Prison Peaceful Protest from 9AM to 2:30PM.

Gladiator Fights are occurring in 5 facilities: Sierra Conservation Center (SCC) in Jamestown, Pleasant Valley State Prison (PVSP), Corcoran State Prison, CTF in Soledad and Salinas Valley State Prison (SVSP).  There was a 6th one: Avenal State Prison (ASP), but they recently transferred all of the inmates causing trouble out of that prison. SVSP has not personally been impacted by these major incidents as they have the groups separated from one another, which is needed for safety and security concerns.  CDCR knows and understands that a specific group of inmates (Bulldogs) can no longer program safety with inmates of a different group and race and it is in their best interest to separate them from the rest of the population for everyone’s safety.  

We as family members, friends, and supporters would just like CDCR to follow their own policies and procedures, including their mission statement, “safety and security of incarcerated offenders.”  They all took an oath to serve and protect, but they are doing the exact opposite. Our loved ones are not guinea pigs or experiments; their lives are not disposable. We are all human beings and should be treated as such not animals or 3/5 of a man.

We want to emphasize that CDCR is promoting violence in today’s prisons. They are knowingly and intentionally putting our incarcerated loved ones lives at risk by placing them in hostile environments with known enemies. These Gladiator Fights are also being seen with the new program CDCR created: NON-DESIGNATED PROGRAMMING FACILITY (NDPF) where they are attempting to integrate Sensitive Needs Yard (SNY), previously known as Protective Custody (PC) with other inmates from General Population (GP). NDPF began mid last year and the results have been absolutely horrendous. There has been major rioting, stabbings, beating with locks, slashings… basically the worst kind of violence you can imagine. We have actually met with Acting Secretary Ralph Diaz in CDCR and his staff twice (the last meeting was on February 15, 2019), but he stated NDPF will continue. He was also made aware of the Gladiator Fights that we’re currently discussing as well. CDCR is promising programming to our loved ones at the cost of human lives and it is disgusting.

The bloodshed that has been created by these Gladiator Fights and the NDPF program is at the hands of CDCR. These are clear set ups for attacks and continued violence in the prisons. The increase in violence is job security for CDCR to keep our incarcerated loved ones in prison longer. There are no chances of Rehabilitation anymore, our loved ones have been deflated mentally and physically and they do not see the end to this violence unless legislators get involved.


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