Prayer & Mediation: How to relieve your body from the day-to-day stress

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Our daily lives are so hectic, that we forget that we need to take some time off for ourselves. Most of us do not realize that this is crucial to staying healthy. Stress is a disease. Stress eats away at our mental, emotional, and physical health. Unfortunately, stress is unavoidable, as it affects billions of people daily. The key is to find ways to manage stress in order to function at your optimal level.

One remedy for stress is something so simple, yet misunderstood- silence. The saying “silence is golden” is a phrase that holds true for many different reasons. But why is it so misunderstood?

A lot of people get really nervous or uncomfortable when they are in complete silence. My theory is that situations become more apparent when you have to be quiet- but it is not a bad thing. With so much going on in our lives, silence is a healing process for the mind and soul. Being in silence forces you to think and reflect about yourself and your direction in life. That is how I learned a lot about what I wanted out of life-simply by being quiet and getting lost in my own world. Silence should not be seen as unfamiliar territory, quite the contrary.

Some people are so afraid of silence that it is quite sad to see. This is especially true in people who are super extroverted, and need to be around people in order to function. Introverted people on the other hand, need no company of people and constant noise, as they are happy and comfortable by themselves.

Taking a nap is a great way to relax your body and rejuvenate your mind. You can also take a bath after a long day’s work. You can also add something nutritional to your diet, take a multivitamin, exercising, and treating yourself every now and then to manage stress.

However, do not underestimate the power of prayer. To some people, it is useful to write down your prayers on paper, and then recite them out loud. Others may just say what is on their mind directly. Either way, prayer is a conversation with a higher spirit that opens your spiritual pathways to guide you in the right direction. Even if you are not a religious person, you may find that just speaking your mind, addressing your needs, or asking for a solution to your problems offers a huge relief! Talking to someone- or even yourself- has great advantages in healing the mind and body.

Whatever you choose to do, always remember to take some time out for yourself, always!


  • Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Shannon Morris’s family knew from the moment she was born, that she was going to be successful in the entertainment industry. She possessed a love of film, the arts, reading, and writing at a very young age, having excelled in anything remotely artistic. Her natural ability to attract attention and connect with people connected her towards a career in the entertainment and healthcare industry.

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