Political (In) Correctness

Did you ever notice when people are politically correct, they’re not saying what they actually meant? They’re prim and proper when they address you, but at home when they discuss you — you’re a nigger or a spic, so many hateful words, you take your pick!

In the meantime….in between time, they’re looking to tear you down, so that whatever hope you had cannot be found. Calling cops because of bar-be cues. As you shop in their stores, they follow you — what will they do next, we have no clue but best believe it won’t be good for you!

If they could turn back the hands of time — for them, life would be divine. Inequality will permeate throughout the air, all our rights would be stripped bear — do you realize they just don’t care? I guess we should come up off our knees. Protesting social injustice and police brutality; they say the flag’s being disrespected, Black lives are not protected — murdering unarmed Black boys, never to be men, the idea of justice rejected again!

Political (In) Correctness, they’ll tell you what you want to hear but their thoughts of you are no way near….human, who they think they foolin’. They’d just as soon cut your throat then allow you to vote! On their words they do choke. It’s your ego they stroke! Betcha didn’t know, your bodies’ not your own — for it they had their way, they’ll erase the day….when Roe v. Wade gave a woman a choice — keep playing around and you’ll have no voice.

Multiculturalism is the new word for “melting pot” but one thing this country is not….tolerant of anything different and if you think they are you’re simply trippin’ — Their empty words are insufficient, our lives don’t matter in their opinion….their hate of us is quite genuine. 

They’re Political (In) Correctness, their thoughts would leave you breathless — if it’s your rights you’d like to keep, pay attention as they creep….towards total annihilation — this is no exaggeration! If it’s your lives you’d like to keep….on them you bet not sleep!


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  • C.K. McGhee

    C.K. McGhee is a woman of faith who believes in nurturing her spiritual relationship with God in order to be her best and to give her best. She hails from New York’s Mid-Hudson Valley, which is just north of New York City. Having been diagnosed with Major Depressive and Anxiety Disorder twenty years ago, she is concerned with bringing awareness to the Mental Health crisis in America; specifically focused on The African-American community. She believes that not only are her struggles with mental health a testimony for someone else who may be struggling but that it’s the very foundation for her advocacy platform; to inspire, motivate and inform others that there is life despite mental health challenges. Her signature phrase, “Here’s to brighter days”, maintains a steadfast hope that all of the voices that have been silenced by stigma, will be supported to speak their truth, knowing and understanding the value of their lives; walking in purpose towards their brighter days!

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