Poetry Corner: Why Hate?

Kill em now or kill em later

The slave party want us

All later than a tardy quintessential that they kill potential

2nd Amendment up for extortion

They’ve convinced negros to abandon thoughts

Freedom and adopt the Philosophy of abortion

Come to babies they quick to pull the switch

Come to guns they’ll sit center floor wine like a bitch

When they show you gets real representation

Yo dumb ass will still vote and cheer for immigration

Kill after you procreate

You don’t believe in God

You just profess and pontificate

You got other options

Too selfish to plan beforehand

Pride too high for adoption

See all the cards laid out

Right AND Left want yo black ass dead

No doubt

Bad intentions no consequences

Sensor Farrakhan AND Jones a week later

No coincidences

“Hate Speech”

Give em your 1st and say surrender

Actually I found it’s OK to hate

So long as it fits THE AGENDA

Life’s a trip

Foe’ long you’ll be disarmed patiently waiting to accept that chip

Oh how sweet it is when they take life and liberty for a dip


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  • Sergio Wilson

    Sergio is a father, poet, writer, philosopher and cerebral analyzer from Birmingham, Alabama.

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