Slaves obey your earthly master

Better yet just hug the bastard

Watch em deprive yo dumb ass of oxygen faster

She killed him after breaking inside

Your brothers home

However you train to love

The same as a bleeding wife with Stockholm

I’m here for truth

She didn’t have to ask for forgiveness

Let ask Dylan Roof

Begging, pleading and needing Justice

Is us

They left you Illiterate but gave you the Book of Jesus

Something to think about

No outrage just a Sunday Morning floor

To dance and let it all out

And Monday we hate

bailiff Makes sure her hair’s comb

But makes you pick society’s cotton till late

Why so docile?

Why so weak?

The white man Continues to Belly laugh

As through the Bible he witnesses us

Living out the past

Pick your cross up and follow me

There goes your life

There goes your dreams

In the gutter

Trained to put up with shit and have

Low self esteem

She even mocked King’s death

No longer need a rope or chain

Cause we hang and “Trap” ourself

The illusion of Inclusion

Pain and suffering never no Restitution

Working in the field

“Working in a coal mine”

A nigga can never truly rest

Cause that dream was never mine

Yet you still haven’t figured out

We ARE the new slaves

That Cognitive dissonance never lets out