The unthinkable happened,

You died leaving me to grieve you for an eternity.

Many days have come and gone.

A river of tears I have cried internally since you went away,

Yet I still feel your presence and see your face as clear as day.

A big part of you is left lodged deep within my heart,

It penetrates and aches, feeling in the space.

Keeping this wound of hurt from bleeding out,

The sadness from taking me under and sweeping me away. 

The song, “I Hope You Dance” is the melody I often hear,

And imagine you heavenly singing in my ears.

Reminding me to carry on and live.

Silently yet powerfully you implore upon me to take chances,

Believe in love and romance again.

In honor of your life,

I will smile, laugh, love and believe the best is yet to come.

I will carry on with hope, inspiration, and the motivation to not only exist,

But to live as if you were still here.