The builders of this great land,

How’s the phrase go when you look at me all you see is 3/5 of a man,

But who are you really kidding,

You stole everything we made our biggest fan.
Born equal to the mesmerized,

Let’s speak with the conscious eye,

Our women are Queens not afraid to get their hands dirty,

A true nurturer,

Our brothas are Kings bigger, faster, stronger, work harder,

And let us not forget manhood larger.

Jealousy and hate derived from creative inequality,

Gave the so called brave a battery in their back when we rose to take our place,

They resort to white sheets and torches cowardly Klu Klux Klan.

In this place that should be named the land of the dammed is where we physically and emotionally remain,

But spiritually I connect and my energy vibrates with our creator,

Yea yea I heard it all

I’m a matyr.