Poetry Corner: Unbeknownst to Truth

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This is why the crime rate, 

This explains Black on Black hate.

Routinely Messed with the physiology,

Forever damaged  the biology.

Denied skin to skin,

Stolen from mother.

Now we see each other as enemies,

Instead of brothers.

Self hatred 500 years after the plantation, 

Mentally we can’t figure why or what’s to  be done.

Why so many Black men leave their son? 

Ask the current White people who still profit off slavery,

Why we so damn crazy?

It’s not by accident,

Your sins are not without consequence,

By design America was never great.

Even as I press rewind.

Yet somehow Whites hold their heads like they’re righteous and Devine

Remember always the earth is hell by their wicked design. 

You thought you took a tar baby that to you looked incredibly OD.

No Sir,  what you took was a supreme piece of GOD. 

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Sergio is a father, poet, writer, philosopher and cerebral analyzer from Birmingham, Alabama.

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