Poetry Corner: The Wilderness of the Heart

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I thought I was looking at love right in front of me,

In anticipation I reached out in joy.

Only to realize it was a mirage of you.

Dehydrated from a lack of affection,

I saw what I wanted and needed,

My own deception.

The thirst of my heart created the illusion of love.

Continuing to journey through the desert of my heart,

Towards the matrimony of something real.

A love I could actually hold and feel.

Tired and weak from the heat of an unfulfilled desire.

Exhausted and in distress.

Once again could it be that I see,

The one that I admired hiding in the shadows?

Yes, I am ready to receive,

And come upon his oasis of overflowing bubbly,

Life renewing love,

That fulfills me.

The dream manifesting into my reality.

Blessed by the heavens above.

Eventually this heart shall thirst no more.

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Christy Angelette is part of the Generation X generation. She is a mother of three amazing sons and is a southern Queen born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi. She is an advocate for mental health and destigmatizing mental illness. She also has a published book entitled, “Unbalanced”, a fact and fictional book on matters of mental health, abuse, toxic relationships and healing. It is available via Amazon, Google, iTunes and Barnes and Nobel.

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