Poetry Corner: The Lies You Give Negro Voters

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I was blind but now I see

Once a captured slave in America

Never really free

Fuck the Creed and what it stands for

As it wasn’t written for me

These truths we hold self evident

Being black in America equates to

Social and economical irrelevance

Fine with being raised in the hood

But don’t make it your attire

He feared for his life  “Sure” that’s why he fired

He’s helping the cause of corporate America so

Surly the cop is never fired

To our cry they deaf

The end of the agenda is clearly witnessed through black death

Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms

Equals white wealth but mostly black harm

What’s this in the mist of the


White folks make more cash

As blacks still being arrested for cannabis

Know and understand there aim

Comprehend that Dr.  King died once

He started to mention a Justice claim

That’s precisely when they had to steady

That rifle and rebuke his brain

Immigration and blackness isn’t the same

People come on boats and stay afloat cause of our ancestors work

They come to get ahead and forget the

Precious Godly negros that lead and bled

Had a “Black” President but he wasn’t for me

Ran on being black with a funny name

Later we find his real mark on society you see

By the time he “came out” he was LGBT

Whatever they had

He was game

Obama to the black caucus?: “Don’t complain”

A charismatic black celebrity and a black leader isn’t and can never be one in the same 

A great man once taught us that ultimate truth must be made PLAIN

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Sergio is a father, poet, writer, philosopher and cerebral analyzer from Birmingham, Alabama.

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