Poetry Corner: The Evolution of Me

I woke up with an attitude of gratitude.

A smile on my face, joy in my heart to face another day.

In spite of night terrors and insomnia,

I rose up like a queen, who slept all night on the highest thread count.

I didn’t drag out of bed,

I hopped out with a giddy anticipation of what the day could bring.

Cooking breakfast, singing praises to my heavenly father, laughing and embracing the love of my child.

So many years of sadness, I finally learned how to smile.

In the seasons of depression,

I was a habitual slob,

Today I clean, enjoy order, organization and neatness.

Gaining intellectual insight, mental peace and clarity.

Who knew sweeping and washing the dishes could be exhilarating and uplifting.

I stand in awe of all I have done and how I have grown.

Evolved and transformed, from discarded trash to truly a treasure of my own.

I discovered the value of myself, without the validation of others.

Even in moments of sadness, I keep the smile. I now wear it inside to out.

Refusing to let the hardships of life and ungratefulness to be carried within my soul.

I continue on this journey from broken to whole.


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