Poetry Corner: T. I. PEOPLE PISSED OFF

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Confused by the conundrum,

Looking for Yeezy to come back to.

Where he came from he appears to be non-plussed to the reason he’s embarrassing us.

The people have become lethargic,

Thus filling the void of trust. 

It shouldn’t be to your surprise,

But this is the wrong way to galvanize,

Or energize a sleeping people.

That was not your philosophy in your early prequels,

Your career and your integrity is headed down a steep hill,

Is deeper than the classic game red and blue pill.

To keep it real the meaning of your words are very hard to distill.

The speaker of an unpopular truth is either revered,  disrespected or killed.

Most people ain’t that pensive,

But instead are highly sensitive.

Your comments are highly offensive,

They turn fans defensive.

Are you aware?

You just put your own career in intensive care.

You stepping into the proverbial Noose,

Ain’t gon’  feel bad when you choke.

Let’s not forget White supremacy,

Begets  rise to the bigots.

The people may not never forgive you for you’re fucking with,

This controversy is more important than Taylor Swift.

It’s about White people always smelling Justice and Black people not even getting a whiff.

You want to make America great again,

Just remember what you said,

Bush thought of African Americans.

We taking this time out to peep each other,

Not coming at you as a rapper but as a fellow brother

I understand you just a thoughtful student,

But in the future we must remember be more Prudent.

And for God’s sake please stop you’re infatuated with the plantation,

You never could have imagined or lived through the “choices” they were facing.

Who the fuck else you think built this great nation?

Your Black card has been suspended pending further investigation.

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Sergio is a father, poet, writer, philosopher and cerebral analyzer from Birmingham, Alabama.

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