Poetry Corner: Stack Rats

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Instead of living to appreciate the day

We live for the buck

Instead of appreciating fellow men

We value not giving a fuck

We’re not focused on ourselves and society

We just wanna keep up

With the next man

Why the world so cold?

Hell with the day green currency

became worth more than the essence of the gold in your soul

What feeds you?

What drives you?

Chasing money got you’re body on “E”

But your mind is deprived too

As humans we have no spirit

God could be calling

How would you know,

You too busy to hear it

The whole world is mostly redundant

Pretty sure God finds most now repugnant

Usually one to meditate

Don’t mean to sound cocky

But I feel the deep need to pontificate

Tell y’all this humankind is in trouble

If it ain’t about cash then we don’t lend a hand or participate

At what point did the most advance creatures disintegrate?

Chasing the cheese in your trap of choice

Has blindsided you

Straight robbed you of your spiritual voice

We must be prisoners

Of the situation with no choice

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Sergio is a father, poet, writer, philosopher and cerebral analyzer from Birmingham, Alabama.

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