Poetry Corner: Queens Do Yoga Too

Twisting so that you don’t get it twisted.

Inhaling strength from my ancestors.

Exhaling Black magic into that wheel that you thought I couldn’t get into.

And I peep your subliminals.

So I take a seat on my throne,

Because history tells me I’m a goddess,

A queen.

An image that society didn’t want me to see.

What was meant to destroy me in battle only made me a better warrior.

Melanin warrior.

Black warrior.

And just when you think you know my next move,

I switch it up on you.

I do a reverse warrior and an extended side angle on you.

Dodging your opposition,

I take flight like an eagle,

And as I descend to land,

I dance on your oppression.

I stand tall like a tree,

Deeply rooted and nourished by my self worth.

A Black queen.

So instead of trying to fight against it,

Just embrace and celebrate it,

Or bow to it.

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LaTosha Ann Hogan was born and raised on the west side of Chicago and currently lives in Evanston.She is a nationally registered paramedic by profession. Latosha is a yogi, meditator, reiki level 1 practitioner, and poet/spoken word artist. She is a self-love advocate. She believes that in order for us to grow and thrive as POC we must first learn to “love yo self”.

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