Poetry Corner: Political Soul Contradictions

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Everybody has a price for the Million dollar man

God gave you life now it’s time to submit your plan 

You go to Church and do all that damn yellin’

Yet the materials on this earth got ya soul sellin’

For cheap Put some money in ya face now you easy to beat

For a dollar some will let anybody sleep 

But I thought you just prayed to the lord for your soul to keep??

A walking contradiction now God won’t hear your benediction 

Why should he?

Let you into the gates for playing with him all your life?

Why would he?

No Reason 

Spineless like a raw chicken in the snow wit no Season 

Tis is the Season to Impeah the President 

Fuck him and the one y’all claim cause he didn’t represent his original claim to fame

He must be David Ruffin cause we were the Original Temptations but that fuck nigga couldn’t remember our names

We are the Democratic Nintendo cause they Continuously play us we’re their favorite game ‘08 to damn near 2020 but what the fuck “Changed “ Like Smokey said “ not a damn thang.”

We made his ass but he put us last

For Immigrants gays and cherokee Indians reparations grace and class 

Fuck a service station for us Barry ran outta gas

His legacy?

A false representation of Black telepathy 

Walked like us Talked like us

We was let down after blind trust

Truth don’t fuck with Trump or Obama at all

Until you do right by us babylon is predestined to fall

Remember you gotta take some and leave some 

What’s the Price of Freedom?

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Sergio is a father, poet, writer, philosopher and cerebral analyzer from Birmingham, Alabama.

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