Poetry Corner: Poisonous Surprise

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Covert vs Overt

Do you wish to be shot or should they break out the rope?

Naive illusion is what gasses the hope

Promote mass confusion

The agenda of both is to erode the constitution

Peep the situation

9 to  5, self employed or homeless

They’ve made current reality the strongest plantation

Republicans want Jim Crow era control and order

Democrats seems hell bent with a stiff hard on to make yo son yo daughter

Now they wanna open the border

More people more crime more chaos

Oh shit LOOK  new world order

They tax your money before you see it

They take your freedom before you realize you need it

Education is indoctrination

Too distracted to care

Another notification

Obama Trump Kamala

Fake hope Real hate fuck for Political power

Or merely a dolla

Truth can’t wait for Time

To hell with us no matter who’s elected reelected gets impeached or resigns

Another black male or group of school children shot

Let’s not raise the collective consciousness

Or mass awareness OH NO

We need useless gun control and to attend to the latest #metoo thot!

This political climate is nothing more than

Legalized Prostitution in your face and at every polling corner cheaply posing as a solution

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Sergio is a father, poet, writer, philosopher and cerebral analyzer from Birmingham, Alabama.

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