Poetry Corner: Plantation vs. Immigration

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Took us from our land made you change names,

Why you shocked?

Locked us in chains,

Why you shocked?

Let our Black bodies hang,

Why you shocked?

Before and during the immigrants,

Our kid’s lives were never relevant.

It’s a battle at the border,

Flint’s water still outta order.

You must forgot kids in Downtown Birmingham had to run from water.

Still shocked??  Still naive??

“I am being detained?”

They’ll just shoot me in the brain so I can’t leave.

Don’t misunderstand America has ALWAYS had a slave of some sort.

If you still shocked your historical attention span is embarrassingly short.

They tell you what to care about.

Black kids BEEN crying,

Black  kids still dying.

To save US nobody dared.

Our fear and worry in the country WE built?


Those immigrants you’ve never met.

Them reparations we’ll never get.

Shocked only cause they told you to be.

Ask your Black self when’s the last time America actually cried and passed life changing legislation for me?

They crossed the border,  got trapped in a cage,

We were VIOLENTLY dragged across the ocean.

Our freedom never authentically put in motion.

I’m all outta fucks so long as mostly Black prisoners makes cups virtually for FREE for Starbucks.

Life isn’t fair but a tear for them kids over the BLACK ones that live here In hell already.


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Sergio is a father, poet, writer, philosopher and cerebral analyzer from Birmingham, Alabama.

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