Poetry Corner: Pastor Godless

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You wanna teach,

You wanna reach,

But you harmful for the Blacks like bleach.


Jesus is who you Tout

If you REALLY follow him is surely what I doubt.

Mr.  and Mrs.  Jesus Christ,

Often pass straight by the homeless at night,

But you tell me to get MY Spirit right??

My decree,

Can only state what I see.

Get it right only in front of PASTOR,

Is heaven what you really after?

Pastor ain’t got no key

Wait only for his righteousness and approval,

Your soul shall never be free.

You’ll never understand,

How fake love is worst than,

The hatred by the Klan. 

Your love for pastor over Human,

Explains why the church full of single females who ain’t got no man.

God is NOT Sport,

Your knowledge your understand and your blessings have come up short.

Love comes from inside,

Humble yourself before to Hell You Slide.

And you will burn,

For every lesson you tried to preach but didn’t learn.

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Sergio is a father, poet, writer, philosopher and cerebral analyzer from Birmingham, Alabama.

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