Poetry Corner: Opinion POWER ( Kanye West’s interpretation)

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Opinion struck down in the West,

Most hip hop Superstars got fast cars with slow reason.

If Black people were smart,

They would appreciate Mr. West without ceasing.

Teach Black people how to twerk and you’ll be high-fived.

Teach Black people how to think and you’ll be socially buried alive.

Ostracized but why am I surprised?

They didn’t choose initial slavery,

But they chose not to rise.

Speaking of the majority and not the minority.

Difference of opinion starts with you,

Have one too often and they’ll ban you from the barbecue.

Same ones who taught Blacks to read,

Got told on and was forced to bleed.

Die for your people,

But why?

They see a cognitive thinking star and shoot him right out of the sky.

All this tension will cause a fellow Black man to die over his opinion,

All up in arms.

When Hillary compared y’all to dogs,

I didn’t hear the same alarm.

When Obama called y’all Thugs,

Most of y’all shrugged

Didn’t even debate or contest.

Y’all will listen to the ignorance of Cardi B,

But ignore the logic of Kanye West.

So get back to your reality shows,

So you can continue to entertain the thought of being hoes.

I watched a Black man be struck down,

By keeping a Black Nation mentally on its toes.

Yet we wonder why we continue to accept defeat from our foes.

People often get called crazy by people that are mentally lazy.

Congratulations Mr. West has officially been struck down.

Meanwhile we STILL can’t think critically,

We’re still mentally enslaved,

And we are about to drown.

I finally understand what the Runaway Field Negroes went through now.

They got told on and killed before they can get an idea off the ground.

What we need is a rebel with a thesis,

And to be our own god instead of waiting for white Jesus,

We tried that since back in the day and still got a lash as we prayed.

But you can’t wrap your mind around why we the New Slaves.

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Sergio is a father, poet, writer, philosopher and cerebral analyzer from Birmingham, Alabama.

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