Poetry Corner: Once It Leaves the Chamber

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Train up a child in the way he should go
So them calibers gauges and survival tactics he shall know
Always aim higher and be cerebral from the start
I pray to God them ways you shall not depart
Guns can be fun as long as humans are taught Properly to play their part
Sometimes the gun
Is the difference between Death and the end of White Supremacy
The Sole object that Simultaneous grants
Peace and Love plus the respect and submission of violent enemies
If we don’t have forethought
Don’t never expect the trigger to have heart
It’s a improbably to have full freedom with no responsibility
Remember slavery? Jim Crow? The black codes???

EXACTLY why this black man smiles each time he Instructs his children to cock, lock and load
The thing that makes men equal is respected and honored RIGHTS
The thing that keeps life preserved is the absolute willingness and courage of mind to fight
Life is often flavored with Sorrow
Remember once you pull the trigger there’s is no taking it back tomorrow
So keep your finger on the frame until
You’ve made the Conscious decision to take aim
Next every weapon is always “Hot” careful where you point it Whether you believe or know if it’s loaded or not
Know your target Know what’s behind
Live Reality no TV no Rewind
The right of the People is keep and bear arms
Meaning it’s impossible for Police to arrive at the sound of breaking glass or a burglar alarm
What yo black ass gon’ do??
Back to this lesson I hope you Refer to
Is Hillary , Bloomberg or Obama
Coming to save yo fuckin’ momma???
I think not However they got fully automatic weapons to ensure them and theirs never get shot
You see it ‘s all a game Check and balances
My ass when they get ready to Inflict tyranny and cause pain
Ain’t shit they gon’ try to explain
This is what happens Through current culture
We line up but don’t use our brain
Like, Love and Follow now our citizens
We don’t have to train
The Plan is on track:
To first take your Guns and then your Individual opinions
And watch as our stupid ass try to get them back
Once a Round or evil plan leaves the Chamber
SOMEONE’S Life Liberty and Pursuit of happiness
Is in grave danger
The highest Caliber

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Sergio is a father, poet, writer, philosopher and cerebral analyzer from Birmingham, Alabama.

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