Poetry Corner: Music to My Verbs

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Anybody can rap,

Can you tell a story?

Can you peep the allegory?

Do you get the analogy?

Can you catch what’s coming after me?

Can you see peace?

Do you got hands to box with the beast?

The pier is near the fear is alive,

The fear is dying while being alive.

Fear is struggling to survive,

Beyond the sky and scared to fly.

Scared to die.

Fear of God the creator,

Scared to be an innovator.

You owe something to the very stars you must be bold,

Have soul,

Never be sold,

Never can truly appraise gold.

No matter the story told,

Life it’s a rocky road,

Usually till’ you get old.

Never die before you try.

Never may know the answer but always ask the question why?

Ask the universal question the answer is usually plucked up from the ground.

Always remember the original people were Brown.

America’s life vest was made.

America’s life vest was and always will be slaves.

Mass incarcerated them well right on TIME now they for SALE.

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Sergio is a father, poet, writer, philosopher and cerebral analyzer from Birmingham, Alabama.

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