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Poetry Corner: Michael are you OK?

While you laugh and call my hair nappy.

You accuse me,

You abuse me.

A phenomenal singer, dancer

Used by the by the machine was everyone’s “Favorite” but 

Who was REALLY on his team?

America will use you like 

The shoes they about to throw away 

Then when you die now the whole world wants to pray

I gotta hide my Black soul to make you happy,

You expect me to dance and entertain ,

For every hit he made another ton of shit

Was laid

No room for human nature when the world 

Professes to love ya but actively hates ya

He was always quick on his feet 

He father and then the world continually chose his ass to beat

Once behind that closed door you discover 

The elites behind music industry to be     synonymous with a dirty whore

Nothing more 

Hide through the mask to endure and manage the pain

No use to take it off

As you’ll never see nothing the same 

What’s worse to be robbed of your childhood?

Or to grow up rich, Targeted and misunderstood?

The Smooth Criminal Well learned 

Painting evil pictures by way of the subliminal 

They want you to pay no mind and believe every game they play lol it’s inconsequential

No resistance once they control and dominate the mental 

If you black talented with power that thrills 

Best believe they probably already got a plot  sicken will to kill


  • Sergio Wilson

    Sergio is a father, poet, writer, philosopher and cerebral analyzer from Birmingham, Alabama.

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