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Poetry Corner: Matter to self

We from the blackness of the matter that created the earth of course we matter

The last shall be first 

With all my heart the Slogan is Legit 

However smart enough to know the organization 

I just can’t fuck wit

The truth is strange 

But so is life

The agenda is clear

They used the black struggle to advance 

The queer

No different just thought you should know 

How the 60s+ Now prolly still = CONTELLPRO

We went from KRS1 and Preventing dummies to 

Fuck him then I get some money

By 2053 black wealth falls to ZERO 

Did ya hear me?? 

But who’s taken aback? 

Mainly one group never got their Justice claim

But everybody’s Black till the guns take aim

Lemme explain 

I’m not a nigger 

I’m much bigger 

For the white dude gets talked down 

For the black dude it’s a hair trigger

So for now fuck Obama and LGBT 

Till my People fully recognize the luxury

Of F-R-E-E

Justice delayed is denied 

Current culture got our brains fried

Do we even matter to self?? 

Each time I blink I see black death 

Hands up don’t shoot 

Look now they beggin

Instead of 911 try 1911

Why We exist comfortable in our hell

Waiting for their Heaven?


  • Sergio Wilson

    Sergio is a father, poet, writer, philosopher and cerebral analyzer from Birmingham, Alabama.

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