You are what you eat,

Better yet what you consume.

Hence why I still peep out Eric B and Rakim tunes.

My generation dumb and unwell,

That’s why I can’t hear the radio currently.

I’d rather smoke in hell,

As I hear Nas I grow sharper I feel blessed

I hear Nas X,

And beg for cardiac arrest,

Take me NOW!

Is this how the people going out?

Talent come from talentum meaning sum of money

If we honored that definition many would be hungry

Went from “I ain’t no joke”

To a dude riding a horse

Full of “Pride” through admitting that he chokes

Kim used to grab the mic to say “Yes y’all”

But  Lil Nas took it and said “Take my balls I wish I had breast y’all. “

The future is uncertain

Cause they pump our kids with doubt

And with shit that’s just low brow

Told my kid she couldn’t listen

What an insult to her intuition

Somebody said “the world is yours”

Wonder if this the earth he Envisioned?

Mollies, xanax ,and lean

When you call Trump OUR biggest problem

I don’t think you comprehend what you mean

Gucci Gain Gucci Gain Gucci Gain

A shot at the center of the head

Now a culture and a race of people slain

The nerve of them

Money is the only thing urging em

Since of the mind they no longer observative

It’s time we take a collective shit

To let out deadly artificial preservatives