Poetry Corner: Keep Playing

Monkey see monkey do

My Nigga Let’s go out and buy 

The exact same Shoe

It’s always the innocent one that get

Shot up tryna to hang wit the crew 

Or the team

Y’all witnessing the Nightmare 

A Prototypical America Dream 

We Vote 

We say the Pledge 

All for they ass to go inside save for cover 

While we stand on Hell’s edge

Leave it up to them 

They’ll push you into the Pit

Funniest shit in the world 

The part when y’all thought the  Elite ruling class

Ever really gave a fuck about yo ass

Been tryna tell ya 

They sold out to the banks 

And the dollar gon collapse

Just a bunch of mice and rats

Always going for the trap

You know it’s all a Game

When truthfully honest wise men

Get called insane 

Just so you know Bro

This Country will kill us all 

And call it a footnote 

The Highest Caliber 

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Sergio is a father, poet, writer, philosopher and cerebral analyzer from Birmingham, Alabama.

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